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Greetings! The Wisconsin Women of Color Network, Inc. (WWOCN), is raising funds to contribute to the Vel Phillips statue that will be placed on the Wisconsin State Capitol grounds in partnership with the Vel Phillips Community Task Force.

      WWOCN is inviting all our members and friends to join us in this event to honor civil rights leader, Vel Phillips, who experienced notable firsts in her lifetime. She was the first Black woman to graduate from the UW Madison Law School, the first female judge in Milwaukee County and the first Black judge in Wisconsin.  She was also the first female and Black person elected  to statewide office Wisconsin as secretary of state.

     WWOCN fundraising starts immediately and ends June 30, 2021.  There is no goal amount to be raised.  Any amount donated will be accepted.  Donations may be made in cash or checks. Please make checks payable to:

          WWOCN, memo Vel Phillips, and mail to:

          WWOCN, 4529 Surrey Circle, Madison, WI  53704.

     All donated proceeds will be made to the Vel Phillips Community Task Force.  

Thank you for your continued support,

Note:  As a result of this fundraising effort, WWOCN sent a check for $505.00 to the Vel Phillips Community Trust Fund on December 28, 2021.  This amount was donated by members of WWOCN.  Again, thanks to everyone  who donated.


WWOCN/Agnes G. Cammer

Public Relations Manager

4529 Surrey Circle, Madison, WI  53704

Tel.  (608) 335-5945



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