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Wisconsin Women of Color Network members are hereby requested to renew your membership dues for 2022.  Except for LIFETIME MEMBERS, the term of membership in WWOCN is annually, from January 1st to December 31st.


This policy applies to all regular individual and corporate/organizational members.  Those who join WWOCN or renew their membership on or after October 1st receive a 15-month membership dues credit for the first year; after that time, their dues are due for renewal on January 1st for all subsequent years.


Annual Membership dues are as follows:  $25 for regular membership and $35 for corporate or organizational membership.


Membership dues are used to support our ability to conduct educational and scholarship programs for women and youth of color.  When possible, members get a break in registration fees during our events.


Attached is a copy of the WWOCN Membership Form. For more information, please contact WWOCN Office at (608) 516-1040 or e-mail This information will be sent by e-mail to current members of WWOCN.  Members who have no online access will receive this information by postal mail.


Revised 2/1/2022

Membership Form

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