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Empowerment & Leadership 

The Wisconsin Women of Color Network assists women of color to gain access to policy making positions in organizations in the public and private sectors.  WWOCN supports and creates leaders among it members.  Throughout the year, WWOCN identifies resources, people and organizations, with expertise to provide leadership training, development and opportunities for women of color during its conferences, seminars, workshops and other types of presentations.  WWOCN also provides youth leadership development, involvement and representation in all its activities.

In addition to encouraging women of color to aspire for leadership roles in the organization's Board of Directors and Committees, WWOCN continues to seek mentors to provide guidance and support to those who are interested in the program.

WWOCN provides financial and human resources for training women of color in leadership roles and those running for public office. It assists women who are seeking appointment in public boards and commissions and in some cases, women who are interested in belonging to governing or advisory boards in the private sector.  WWOCN also assists its members in identifying resources for training on how to run for public office and on how to develop mechanism for generating funds.

Annually, in June, WWOCN presents a Leadership Skills Development seminar in conjunction with the election of its Board of Directors.

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