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The Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Women of Color Network. Inc., (WWOCN), will host a
Membership Tea on Saturday, October 2, 2021, from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 the Madison College
Goodman South Campus, Community Room, 205-207 Combined, 2429 Perry Street, Madison, WI
During this event, WWOCN will meet and greet its members, friends, and supporters. Community
leaders of color will be invited and be introduced to the organization. Admission is free to members and
guests, but registration is required to make sure that adequate space and food are available.
Registration forms can be obtained by contacting the WWOCN Office:
In support of our mission to promote education and employment of women of color, WWOCN will be
asking for donation of clothing and accessories and school supplies for students at Madison College.
Clothing and accessories will be given to the Madison College Pop-Up Career Closet. As described at the
Madison College website, the Madison College Pop-Up Career Closet is an inventory of business, casual
and professional attire available for students. Enrolled students can shop for professional clothing to set
a good impression for job interviews, a new job, etc. Once a student shops at the Closet, the student
owns the clothes to keep.
Donations of school supplies will be given to new students of color attending a special college education.
Sadie M. Pearson is the Chairperson of the Host Committee. For more information, please contact:
Sadie M. Pearson, Tel. (608) 467-9080, no Internet connection
Nelia Olivencia, Tel. (608) 284-9280, E-mail:
WWOCN Office: Tel. (608) 335-5945 Voice Mail; E-mail:

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